Lender says no to your security

Not all lenders will look at the security you are offering for a loan in the same way. Different lenders
will offer varying Loan to Value Ratios (LVR) on a property and on some properties, you may find that a lender will not be willing to take the asset as security at all.

What is a logical scenario to a traditional lender is not always the answer you are looking for. Our dedicated team of consultants are familiar with many different types of specialised securities. We have relationships with various private lenders and are therefore able to source the right funding offer in relation to your requirements.

Some common types of specialised securities include but not limited to:
    • Company title property.
    • Multiple units on one title. (Strata / Body Corporate)
    • Holiday rental property e.g., Hotels, Motels, Boarding Houses and Pubs
    • Retirement Villages.
    • Service Stations, Childcare Centres, Parking Stations
    • Mining Operations (Gold other precious metals)

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